Welcome to my CV Website !

Let me introduce myself, Antoine Monnier, nice to meet you!

I have completed five years of studies in communication and marketing at Les Cordeliers, at Cergy Pontoise University and at the École Supérieure de Publicité. Thanks to the precious teaching of my professors as well as my three years of work-study experience, I am ready to leave university: I’m actively looking for a new opportunity, anywhere in the world!

I have created this website to show you my background and my activities that drive my creativity and ambitions.

Fancy a trip to the past? Let’s use VHS again!

Are you fed up with lengthy LinkedIn posts that always begin with something like: “Dear network…”? Well, why not hop on a nostalgia trip with my video presentation, complete with a touch of 2000s style?

This video has been translated in English, so don’t forget to use subtitles!

Did you watch the whole video? Is this what you’re looking for?

Antoine Monnier, CV website