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    created in: 2022

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Editing and motion design

Summary video of a BirdLife Malta event

What a great year with BirdLife Malta! Not only did I contribute to safeguarding the country’s wildlife, but I also delved into the exciting field of photography and ornithology! While video editing wasn’t initially my primary task, I gladly took it on when my colleagues were swamped. This year of my professional journey abroad was nothing short of amazing, I have no regrets whatsoever!

Orange Business Services facilitators thanked in a video

During my year of work experience at Orange Business Services, I wrote, produced and edited a motion design to thank the Operational Marketing Plan experts. Theses “superheroes” help the sales force to find new opportunities in the Orange Business Services market.

Creative software: After Effect and Première Pro

Realisation and production of a motion design for Sowell start-up

Objective: to present in less than one minute the characteristics of Sowell proposition for building guards and social landlords. To highlight its simplicity and practicality.

Creative software: After Effect and Première Pro

Video editing for my association

… Which is also my music group!

During the lockdown in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, the group SILO had only one desire: to get back on stage and animate the diocesan youth gatherings again. To make up for this lack and to meet again (virtually): a live musical performance was essential!

Click here to discover our association.

Creative software : Première Pro

Realisation of a vox pop in internal communication

As part of my job as a sales representative at Orange Business Services.

In order to respect image rights, the participants were blurred out.

Production with Premiere Pro software. In accordance with the Orange graphic charter.

Musical welcome video for a seminar

This video was produced especially for a seminar during my internship. The aim was to create a musical atmosphere to welcome the participants. Can you guess what music was played?

Orange Business Services Création Créations Antoine Monnier Gif

Production with After Effect software in accordance with the Orange graphic charter.