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Orange Business Services communication
Crédit Agricole communication
Gendarmerie communication
Groupe Atlantic communication
Université Cergy

ESP Paris (French advertisement school)Ecole supérieure de publicité, communication, marketing, formation, master

2021 – 2022 : Final year Master’s degree in Digital strategies & e-business   Study training program (1 day per week at university)
  • Story arc: worked on the business plan and the brief for the formar company, Keykase throughout the year (inclusive of a communication strategy, worked on the prototype of an application and a website…).
2020 – 2021 : First year Master's degree in communication and digital marketing
    • Study training program (1 day per week at university)
  • Marketing : an intensive week in order to approach the main lines of the subject, webmarketing lesson with Mélanie GARBAN : brand manager at Nike, France…
  • Digital culture: approach to new business models, awareness of digital challenges…
  • Blue ocean strategy : creation of a product concept and its communication aiming to integrate the strategy : "Blue Ocean". This is a technique to put the competition offside by developing an innovative product, responding to new needs and new targets.
  • Competitions : creation of an impactful and "turnkey" communication campaign for LinkedOut association. The competition involved a confrontation between 23 communication agencies made up of ESP, Paris Masters students. Other clients: : Total, Peroni Nastro Azzuro (European competition).
Cergy Pontoise University
Université Cergy, Paris, communication, licence, formation, professionnel
2019 – 2020 : Bachelor’s Degree, Communications Officer Proximity and Digital Media
    • Study training program (2.5 days per week at university)
logo certification voltaire
      • Obtained the Voltaire certification (french professional spelling).
      • Definition and implementation of a communication strategy for an entity: tutored project with SoWell company. Discover my creations here
      • Implementation of different communication supports, measurement and evaluation of the result (website, blog, social network page).
      • Content writing for print and web.
      • Manage and develop press relations, react to a crisis situation in front of the media.
      • Organise and publicise an event.
      • Media-training, participation and animation of a TV show: "Demain la com" with Vià Grand Paris.

Les Cordeliers (Britanny, France)

Les Cordeliers, Dinan, communication, logo, BTS
2017 – 2019 : HND Diploma in communication
Customer relationship negotiation:
          • Targeting and prospecting customers
          • Negotiate and accompany the customer relationship
          • Organise and lead a commercial event
          • Exploit and share commercial information
Remote customer relations and digitalization :
          • Mastering the multi-channel relationship
          • Animate the digital customer relationship
          • Develop customer relations in e-commerce
Culture of communication, economy and law 16 weeks of internship in a company, Examples of realisations :

BirdLife Malta

Feb. 2023 – Feb. 2024 : Communication assistantBirdlife ONG Bird Malta Protection EVS Volunteer
  • Online Media: coordinating content and updating the BirdLife Malta website with news and blog content using WordPress
  • Social Media: planning, implementing and uploading content for other social media sights, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the YouTube Channel amoug others.
  • Internal Communications: collating, writing and sending (using Mailchimp) monthly internal and external e-newsletters.
  • Magazine: co-ordinating and writing content for the BirdLife Malta quarterly magazine.
  • Press and Media: helping in drafting and distribution of press releases to the media, and supporting the Communications Manager in generating coverage across traditional and new media to raise the profile of BirdLife Malta and its work.
  • Monitoring and Archiving: monitoring press coverage and managing the media coverage archive (online, print and video) together with compiling statistics/reports of issued press releases and press coverage return, monitoring and writing monthly reports and statistics for social media and web activity, and compiling monthly the e-newsletter Mailchimp report.
  • Other media work: working with project manager(s), conservation, education and fundraising staff to develop and implement targeted project and campaign communications for online, print and broadcast media.

Groupe Atlantic

2021 – 2022 : Communications - marketing officerCrédit Agricole, logo, banque, entreprise, communication, finance, direction, risques, groupe

Study training program (4 days per week)

  • Relational & digital Marketing (emailings / customer targeting / newsletters on SalesForces Marketing Cloud)
  • Design of communication tools (publishing / POS advertising….), construction of the agency brief, supervision and budget control
  • Event organisation of visits to the group's factories

Crédit Agricole S.A

Crédit Agricole
2020 – 2021 : Junior Internal Communication Officer Study training program (4 days per week)
      • Participation in the deployment of the communication plan (creation of print and web visuals, newsletters, information emails, updating of the intranet under sharepoint, etc.).
      • Follow-up of the mailing lists, organisation charts and trombinoscopes of the Direction
      • Organisation and logistical management of internal events

Orange Business Services

2019 – 2020 : Orange Business Services, Major Accounts Department
Orange Business Services, logo, commercial, entreprise, communication
Study training program (2,5 days per week)
      • Implementation of the operational marketing plan
      • Audio-visual content production (print, video, motion design…)
      • Event Organization, Analysis and Strategy.
      • Facilitation of sales meetings (face-to-face or remote)
      • Writing internal articles and running the internal social network "Plazza"

La Famille Boutrais

2018 – 2019 : Assistant communication
La famille boutrais, magasin, huitre, producteur
Internships (7 weeks)
      • Creation of the company's B2B, B2C product catalog.
      • Creation of visual aids
      • Digital communication (community management on Instagram and Facebook)
      • Negotiation and search for service providers
      • Writing of press releases

La Ferme du Luguen

2017-2018 : Assistant communication
La ferme du Luguen, logo, foie gras, canard,
Internships (7 weeks)
      • Events (Inauguration of a transformation lab: 3000 guests)
      • Participation and design of the event content
      • Organisation of the reception and security of the event
      • Creation of visual aids (flyers, posters, signage, banners, digital creations, POS, etc.)
      • Digital communication (assistant community manager, recommendations, mailing and SMS campaign)
      • Writing of articles and help with the design of the newspaper : "Le Canard du coin"
      • Writing of the "Fermiers du coin" newsletter

French Police Forces : Gendarmerie Nationale

Gendarmerie, logo, défense, réserviste, militaire
2018 – Currently : Citizen reserve sub-officer
    • Reservist of the departmental gendarmerie : Defense and security missions of general interest in France
Main duties :
        • Assisting the judicial police officer.
        • Notifying and ensuring the execution of judicial measures.
        • Apprehend the perpetrator of an offence, misdemeanour or crime.

Association SILO

"Silo organises and promotes many activities for young people in relation to the movements, services and parishes of the diocese of Rennes, Dol de Bretagne and Saint-Malo." Silo ; LinkedIn
Association Silo, logo, musique
2014 – Currently : Musician and animator
  • Bass player in the association's music group.
  • Participation in events.
  • Musical composition.
  • Participation of the World Youth Day in Krakow (music team).
  • Youth camp leader (secondary school students).

Association ANAROSGend

"The national Association of Ambassadors of the operational reserve of Gendarmerie has the objective of raising awareness of the operational reserve through its network of Ambassadors, recruiting and informing new members, and supporting its various members." ANAROSGend ; Helloasso
2021 – Currently : founder and active member
  • Board of directors member of the association
  • Member of the communication and music section

Association of European Guides and Scouts

Scout Europe, engagement
2017 – 2019

La Trinitaine Saint-Malo

La trinitaire, magasin, biscuits, souvenir, maison familiale
June – August 2019 : Seasonal salesperson
    • Temporary contract
        • Opening and closing the shop.
        • Managing the cash register independently.
        • Maintenance of the shelves and the storeroom.
        • Advice, sale of products Training of new employees.

Les Fermiers de la Baie

Les fermiers de la baie, logo, agriculture, bio, magasin, agriculture, agriculteurs
2016 – 2019 : multi-skilled worker
        • Permanent student contract
            • Sales.
            • Reception.
            • Shelving.
            • Shop maintenance

LIDL Saint Malo

LIDL, logo, magasin
May – August 2017 : Seasonal salesperson
            • Temporary contract
                • Sales.
                • Reception.
                • Shelving.